The New Linoleum “Not Your Grandma’s Floor”

The New Linoleum is natural, anti-bacterial and lasts up to 40 years… This new Linoleum flooring will make you rethink your hardwood.

This Post will give you insight on this amazing product, if you are looking for durable, sustainable flooring this is a great option. This floor is certified “green” meaning, it’s made from natural materials such as linseed oil, recycled wood floor, and limestone, making it biodegradable and anti-bacterial.

Best of all... extremely easy to clean.

You can put your trust in this floor. Linoleum flooring is reliable and strong. Common scuffs are no match for linoleum, and with proper care it can last more than 40 years.

It comes in sheets, panels, (also known as “click floor”) and modules, which let you create the floor plan you desire. The creative options are endless! Being very versatile, Linoleum can match your style preferences. If you enjoy traditional hardwood floors, contemporary or want a floor to match your home's time period Linoleum will do the job.  

Color and design options are endless.

Where to get it?

If you are wondering this, look no further.

Thankfully Mackey Construction is knowledgeable and guaranteed to produce great work.

As well as Armstrong Flooring  and Forbo Flooring Systems which are certified proven flooring companies that specializes in the installation of these new and improved Linoleum floors. 

Unless you are a professional, I wouldn’t try to install this yourself it can be complicated.